So begins our slow decent into madness

Where nothing really ever goes quite as planned

And you begin to lose hope that anything ever will

Hair falls out and eyes fall out and you forget to remember

That anyone once loved you at one time or another.

Things go up and down and upside down, west and east,

But never north because north is too familiar with happiness,

Who is shy and scared and, in fact, quite the opposite

Of what happiness ought to be and is thought to be.

Your only company becomes the creatures living in the walls

And inside your head, where they appear quite comfortable

And decide to stay awhile because all the space in your walls

And inside your head, it’s filled with nothing because you’ve forgotten to remember everything

Inside your head, with all the creatures and lost things, you find madness and sanity and, finally, if the creatures accept you into your head,


by Cory Mickanin

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